June 2019 archive

Her first trip to a Dispensary

Bloom Medicinal in Germantown was the doctors recommendation for her dispensary. I do not have a card so I could not go in with her. She went in and gave them the paper from the doctor on what should help her. well $182.00 later out she came with a bag full shit that for the …

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Whoopie Pie #5

Whoopie Pie #5 Purchased Bloom medicinal Germantown.  Grower Harvest of Maryland Cultivation LLC. Whoopie pie is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross of tangerine and gorilla glue giving characteristic fiery orange hairs and and crystal covered bright green buds an uplifting and euphoric smoke. The aromas of the bud are predominantly a creamy tangerine with sour undertones. …

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Hello Marylanders

My wife has been going to pain management for many years now seemed like nothing they gave her helped with her pain, so they had her get a Medical Marijuana card, now we have not smoked any weed in 30 years or so.  they gave her a few things to try out. This is the …

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