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Whoopie Pie #5

Whoopie Pie #5

Dispensary: Bloom Medicinal Germantown.
Vender: Harvest of Maryland Cultivation LLC.
Lineage: Tangerine x Gorilla Glue.
Description: Whoopie pie is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross of 
tangerine and gorilla glue giving characteristic fiery
orange hairs and and crystal covered bright green buds an 
uplifting and euphoric smoke. The aromas of the bud are 
predominantly a creamy tangerine with sour undertones. Whoopie pie
is an excellent day time strain to unwind with 
and may help to treat patients with stress, anxiety, mood disorders, and general pain.
Strain: Whoopie Pie.
Prospective Properties: Anti-Depressant, Anxiety Relief, Energetic, Pain Relief.
Flavors: Citrus, Pungent, Vanilla

Our review

That's all info from Bloom Medicinal  so let's get to it.    Ratings  bad *   Best *****

Price: on sale 1/8 $35.oo. Not to bad but it takes a sale to beat street prices. gets  ****
Flavor:  Pungent not sure what that tastes like but I am sure its there, Citrus I get that but Vanilla not to sure on that gets ***
Prospective Properties: Well happy fun would be a start relaxed tranquil. I am not to sure about the Daytime use I only smoke at night 
Pain seems to chill out. Over all I say ****.