Her first trip to a Dispensary

Bloom Medicinal in Germantown was the doctors recommendation for her dispensary. I do not have a card so I could not go in with her. She went in and gave them the paper from the doctor on what should help her. well $182.00 later out she came with a bag full shit that for the most part did not help. Now like I said we did not know much about weed or any of the other stuff like wax, pens and edibles and so on. so I got on their website and gave it a good going over. 1ST time purchase get $20 Cannabucks coupon for you to use on your first purchase, Nope that did not happen, New patients receive a free Bloom Stash jar during your first purchase yep you got it that did not happen. Patient discounts Veterans 22%, Seniors 10%, Students 10%, Minors 10%, Terminally ill 15%, Disability 10%. Now all that is great and the only dispensary I seen that offer that. My wife fits in 2 of Patient discounts and you got it nope she did not get any of it.

     Now do not get me wrong Bloom is a stand up dispensary. I made contact with them online and on her next trip they gave hera discount. They walk her around and did their best to explain to her what the stuff was and told her what might help her and another $100.00 and change, This time some of it did help. So for 1st time shoppers make sure you visit the dispensary website see what deals they have and what you should get on your 1st visit.